Left Luggage

The socialist strategy site

Our aims

These are broad, long-term ambitions which express the orientation of those involved in Left Luggage. We put these principles at the heart of our analysis of the tasks facing the Left.

1) We aim to build values of solidarity and community.
– Building networks of mutual support between community organisations and trade unions.
– Rolling back the culture of individualism and selfishness promoted by neoliberal ideology.
– Establishing social organisations that bring communities together and promote solidarity and cooperation.

2) We aim to build an organisation rooted in the working class.

– Tackling issues of pressing concern to working class communities.
– Proving ourselves to be the best fighters for the immediate interests of the working class.

3) We aim to be democratic in theory and practice.

– Locating power with grassroots activists.
– Establishing a culture of transparency, self criticism and honest debate.
– Promoting the active participation of ordinary members in decision making and organising.

4) We aim to work in a non-sectarian manner with groups that broadly share our goals.

5) We aim at all times to be guided by a realistic analysis of the forces ranged against us and the tasks to be accomplished.

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